and odors disappear!

  • Quickly eliminates odours
  • Easy to use
  • Nature-friendly: ecological and sustainable product
  • Safe for health, suitable for allergy sufferers
  • Innovative Slovenian product


Alenka, 44, nurse
In only a short time, ASORBIO has become irreplaceable in our home. I use ASORBIO Waste and ASORBIO Refrigerator. The last time our cat peed in the living room, I solved the problem by covering the wet area with a layer of ASORBIO the thickness of a finger. I left it on 24 hours and then vacuumed it, and the unpleasant odour was gone, without much effort or long-term treatment!
Miha, 37, enterpreneur
Because I work long days, I normally don’t cook at home, but when I do I really enjoy it. My only complaint is the odour of roasting or baking, which remains in the apartment for some time. A friend advised me to place some ASORBIO on a plate in the proximity of the cooking surface while cooking as it absorbs odours. I couldn’t believe it. There was practically no smell of food in the kitchen after cooking.
Živa, 29, architect
I spend a lot of time in my car as I have two small children. I have to drive them everywhere. Recently my daughter Teja got sick and vomited in the car. My husband immediately sprinkled the seat with ASORBIO, left it overnight and then vacuumed in the morning. The smell disappeared and we saved the almost 120 Euros we would have spent on professional chemical cleaning.
Bojan, 54, lawyer
I used to wipe away the moisture on my boat with a product containing salt solution. Once I spilled it on my hand and it hurt a lot. I’m not in favour of invasive products and I do not want them on my boat. Now I use ASORBIO in two places and it works.
Branko, 38, professional driver

Once I transported shrimps and didn’t unload them in time. The odour in the vehicle was unbearable even after being chemically cleaned. Then I put some ASORBIO in the trunk and vacuumed it the next day. Now everything is fine again.